We connect, influence, support and challenge. Ultimately, we empower transport technology.

Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK) is the voice of the industry. We provide a national platform to support the roll out of technology for a cleaner, safer and more effective transport network, both at home and abroad.

What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

Intelligent Transport Systems are where transport meets technology.

It’s the app on your phone directing you. It’s the radar system monitoring traffic. It’s the data tools informing town planners. It’s the ticketing system, traffic lights, enforcement cameras, eScooters, ride-hailing apps and visual displays. It’s all these, and much more.

Intelligent transport is about making journeys safer, greener, accessible and cost-effective, for the benefit of all.

What we do

We support the intelligent transport sector and its growth across the UK and beyond.

Making connections

We bring members together through networking opportunities and events. We host major conferences, dinners, receptions, seminars and more, helping to build the connections you need within the industry. Through our weekly newsletter, we keep members abreast of the latest developments, and our 15+ Forums cover everything from mobility as a service to active travel, road user charging to public transport, looking at the big trends and issues facing the industry.

Influencing Policy

We support the sector to make its voice heard. We work with government, politicians, media and stakeholders to make the case for intelligent transport, raise issues of importance to our members and explain the value it can provide to the UK and society. We regularly feature in press, respond to consultations and produce thought leadership, policy reports and position statements, in order to better make the case for the sector.

Global outreach

We are part of a global family of ITS organisations across the world. We support UK businesses to develop their exports potential and to reach new markets overseas. We also work closely with our counterparts across the globe and have partnerships agreed with 35+ foreign ITS organisations. We are a founding member of the ITS Network of Nationals, a collective of European ITS bodies and regularly attend the ITS World and European Congresses.

Promote and celebrate

We promote the work of the sector. We act as a platform to showcase the industry’s news, by highlighting stories and developments from members, and through our annual Awards, which bring together the industry to recognise the fantastic work our members do.

Executive members

ITS UK’s Executive Members lead the way in supporting a vibrant and dynamic intelligent transport industry.