The following seven companies, alongside ITS UK, make up the UK delegation to Intertraffic, participating as part of the ITS Network of Nationals Stand at Booth 02.308 in Hall 1.

The UK has a vibrant and successful ITS industry, with the sector conservatively estimated to be worth £1.5 billion in economic value, and with a potential to provide £15 billion in growth over the coming years.

The UK is pioneering the way in the deployment of innovative traffic management technologies, connected and automated mobility, mobility as a service, enforcement and the application of data services and AI. UK companies are supporting the roll out of new mobility solutions to make our transport system more efficient, greener and safer, both domestically and overseas.

We welcome all Intertraffic delegates to come and meet us, to say hello and to find out more about the UK sector and the delegation.

Alchera Technologies

Alchera Technologies is building software and machine learning to power data-driveninfrastructure, unlocking a future where we can fine tune our mobility infrastructure to adapt and respond to our society’s needs, connecting individuals, businesses and communities. Focused on sustainable highways & smart cities, Alchera specialises in helping operators of transport networks to be more efficient and productive, using real-world data in real-time. Underpinned by years of expertise in working in the mobility sector, Alchera’s software and advanced machine learning models save organisations millions of dollars annually in operational efficiencies. With blue chip customers including Europe’s busiest highway and partners with major global engineering firms, Alchera’s software unlocks data-driven decision making for the transport infrastructure sector in the UK and internationally.

Contact: Anna Jordan, Co-Founder and CEO

Phone: +44 785 122 8046




ANGOKA is an Internet of Things (IoT) cyber security company focused on assuring machine-to-machine communications. Headquartered in Belfast with offices in London and The Hague, our solutions create and protect a machine or a device’s identity and its integrity, thereby safeguarding critical communications and assuring data provenance. We create trusted connections even over untrustworthy networks. Our Quantum Resilient approach ensures safe and secure data communications now and for the foreseeable future.

ANGOKA’s solution provides a whole systems approach to securing the operational design of new services and solutions, such as for Connected Automated or Autonomous Mobility and Smart Cities.

Contact: Steve Berry, Executive Chairman

Mob: +44 7949 119 863


Website: | Twitter: @AngokaCyber


Clearway is commited to increasing and maintaining the safety of those working on our highway and transport networks, including in compounds and depots, whilst at the same time looking at how technology can be used to reduce human interaction with highway and transport assets.

Our technology is regularly used as an active safety measure, whether that be monitoring in temporary traffic management or on fixed infrastructure.

Talk to us about our solar-powered inView Highway Technology Tower for CCTV, Video Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Stopped Vehicle Detection (SVD), Air Quality Monitoring, Alarm Systems and ANPR.

Contact: Simon Waterfall, General Manager (Highways)

Tel: +44 3333 232 287



Grid Smarter Cities

Grid Smarter Cities logo

Grid Smarter Cities is a UK based software solutions company specialising in kerbside management, providing sustainable and efficient solutions addressing today’s key logistical challenges and environmental issues using smarter technological innovations.

Kerb® is Grid’s digital kerbside management platform that allows advance booking, flexible use, and optimization of the existing kerb spaces by timeslot.” Providing a dynamic and seamless connection between freight, servicing & delivery companies and city authorities. Available on mobile and web app, supported by two-sided e-ink smart signs.

Contact: Toby Hiles, Strategic Partnerships Director

Mob: +44 7980 611 575


Website: I Twitter: @gridsmartercity

Navtech Radar

When you need a road safety system that works in all weather and lighting conditions, ClearWay is the best technology available.

Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. It works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen.

Roads are dynamic environments that can quickly become challenging: whether it’s low sun reflecting in a driver’s eyes; heavy rain causing spray; or dense fog impairing visibility. In these circumstances, alternative technologies fail, and radar continues to work, improving road safety.

Contact: Ozair Baig, Sales Engineer

Mob: +44 7741 147 173


Website: I Twitter: @Navtechradar


Nicander logo

Nicander are a specialist software development house based in the Northeast of England. Over the last 15 years Nicander has built a strong reputation for our ability to work with our customers to solve the challenges of operating their road network.

Our core competencies include the development and maintenance of Advanced Traffic Management Systems supported by an integrated 3-Dimensional Digital Twin for tunnels.

Asset and Fault Management Systems, delivering a comprehensive tool for the whole life cycle management for assets and the multitude of contractors required to maintain them. And finally cloud hosted bus priority solution to allow regions to benefit from the advantages of transit priority without additional on street furniture.

Contact: Sam Brierley, Business Development Manager

Mob: +44 7733 014 995


Website: | Twitter: @Nicanderltd

Starling Technologies

Starling Technologies logo

At Starling Technologies, we design revolutionary AI-driven traffic management systems that make our streets and cities safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and other street users while keeping vehicle traffic flowing efficiently.

Our intelligent systems are Responsive, Dynamic and Adaptive and use AI based decision making to analyse the diverse and sometimes unpredictable behaviours of road and pavement users to control road infrastructure, traffic signals and street signage in real-time.

We have created pedestrian-specific technologies that prioritise and optimise pedestrians and cyclists at crossings and junctions, enabling better walking and cycling in towns and cities.

Contact: Andrew Caleya Chetty, Chief Executive Officer

Mob: +44 7507 723 012