Anna Jordan

Co-Founder & CEO, Alchera Technologies

Anna Jordan is Co-Founder & CEO at Alchera Technologies; an AI start-up building software and machine learning to power data-driven infrastructure. Focused on sustainable highways & smart cities, Alchera specialises in helping operators of transport networks to be more efficient and productive, using real-world data in real-time. Alchera is working to unlock a future where we can fine tune our mobility infrastructure to adapt and respond to our society’s needs, connecting individuals, businesses and communities. Underpinned by years of expertise in working in the mobility sector, Alchera’s software and advanced machine learning models save organisations millions of dollars annually in operational efficiencies. With blue chip customers including Europe’s busiest highway and partners with major global engineering firms, Alchera’s software unlocks data-driven decision making for the transport infrastructure sector in the UK and internationally.Anna has operational experience scaling applied machine learning & AI SMEs in complex industry from Bio & HealthTech to big infrastructure, delivering work with national & local institutions, innovators and local & international businesses. Anna has an MSc in Physics from Imperial College London, and spent time working as a graphene physics PhD researcher in France before co-founding Alchera to tackle global challenges in transport operations.