Louise Cheeseman

Co-Founder & Chair, Women in Coach and Bus

An ardent advocate of bus for not only taking customers on millions of reliable day-to-day journeys each day but also helping us solve the fundamental environmental challenges of tomorrow including the climate change emergency and air quality.

As the former Director of Bus at Transport for London (TfL), and founder and Chair of the recently launched Women in Bus and Coach, Louise has recognised that the transition of buses away from the grime of conventional diesel to the ultra-clean zero-emission technologies of electric lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel-cells cannot happen without a resource of skilled professionals that not only drive the vehicles’ but also have the skills to track and evaluate performance by artificial intelligence and diagnostic data. There is a recognised resource and skills shortage that she believes could be addressed by creating a working environment within the bus and coach industry that attracts women, as we know that there are less than 20% of women work in the industry.

Added to this cocktail of challenges, is the ever-present need to elevate the bus (and its sister forms of transport like coaches and assisted transport) in the public mindset. Making bus the most indispensable mode of choice will be vital to helping the industry reduce reliance on the private motor car and shift journeys into more inter-changeable and sustainable forms of public transport including cycling and walking. Keeping the bus at the forefront of customers’ minds, promoting it as welcoming, accessible, affordable and safe, will be critical to its future.

Coming from other innovative branches of the transport industry, this strategic thinker has a track record in increasing revenue and enhancing financial results and leading customer experience enhancements in complex inter-dependent environments. As a respected and approachable leader, she also has a proven passion for people and stakeholder engagement, combined with strong advocacy of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.