Chair: Zeina Nazer, Cities Forum, Vice Chair: Louise Lawrence, WSP

The Road User Charging (RUC) Forum is the UK’s expert group in all RUC-related matters. It promotes best practice in the application of road user charging solutions that contribute to infrastructure improvement, congestion management and environmental benefits. This is achieved through regular meetings, group bulletins, debates and consultations.

Membership includes local authorities, industry suppliers, tolling operators, consultants and academics, and Government agencies. The group facilitates information exchange about the implementation of RUC, from the use of charging technologies to back office and central systems. 

It assists in assessing technology and systems standards requirements, including interoperability, and proactively supports contributions to international RUC standards developments that are relevant to, and in the interest of, RUC deployment in the UK.  The RUC Forum tracks developments in the UK and internationally, and disseminates relevant industry and market news for interested ITS UK members.

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