Chair: Keith McCabe, Simplifai Systems, Vice Chairs: Stephen Hanley, Arup; Anya Kennington, SWARCO

The Smart Environment Forum provides a forum for all ITS UK members with an interest in effects of transport and environment related impacts on exposure, health and climate change. It enables them to share knowledge, discuss their views and investigate the feasibility of and resulting benefits from the application of ITS to manage the environment and deliver long term sustainability.

The group includes those concerned with the measurement and modelling of the environment, the climate change impact of travel choices and the distribution of goods, as well as establishing ways to deliver climate targets set by the Government.

The group works to be of value to local authorities, air quality managers, highway and traffic engineers, planners, transport operators, consultants offering services to these organisations, manufacturers and service providers developing and selling related products and services, and to universities and other research establishments.