Aimsun launches digital mobility solutions

  • Aimsun is transitioning from software delivery to outcome-based solutions
  • Aimsun is releasing five standard digital mobility solutions
  • All Aimsun solutions include a web-based user interface for non-technical users

Digital mobility tech company and ITS UK Members, Aimsun, announced today that it is transitioning its focus from software delivery to outcome-based solutions.

Aimsun is launching a full suite of digital mobility solutions, packaging its classic transport simulation software with data management and analytics, artificial intelligence, and services.

The company has created five standard solutions to answer the most typical use cases in the transport industry: Aimsun Insight for historical data analysis; Aimsun Predict for real-time data analysis and prediction; Aimsun Start for rapid assessments and pre-feasibility studies; Aimsun Plus for full planning and operations, and of course, Aimsun Live, which is already a well-established and very successful real-time decision support system for transport management.

“The transition to solutions is a natural progression for Aimsun,” says Aimsun CEO, Alex Torday. “Our original mobility modeling software, Aimsun Next, remains at the heart of what we do, but by taking an outcome-based perspective, we can leverage our expertise to go beyond pure software delivery and offer a more complete service. With more than 25 years of experience in transport modeling, we are perfectly positioned to cover everything from software development to data treatment, model building, maintenance, governance, and solution design. This will allow our end users to get a better return on their investment and, more importantly, grow the use of these solutions by the different industry stakeholders, mainly consultancies.”

“It is clear to us that we can fulfil an industry need, which is to provide end-to-end transportation modeling services,” affirms Torday. “Our all-in-one approach goes beyond the tools and capabilities currently in use by many transport authorities, highway agencies, public transport operators or consultancies; the new suite of solutions will allow customers to plan and manage networks for all travel modes across a metropolitan area, or even an entire region, in a way that is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. We’ve seen the success of our existing Aimsun Live solution and it has inspired us to provide greater breadth and depth to our services and apply them across more of the typical industry use cases.”

With this outcome-based approach, Aimsun aims to address common pain points in the digital mobility industry, speeding up turnaround time, providing better output consistency and lowering the cost allocated to create project-specific outcomes.

In line with its customer-centric approach to digital mobility, all Aimsun solutions include a web-based user interface for non-technical users. This user-friendly dashboard allows multiple stakeholders to access the platform, ask relevant questions, and visualize answers using custom KPIs or management metrics.

Access for non-technical users is a key factor on large mobility projects with multiple stakeholders, where a platform or hub for collaboration not only increases stakeholder engagement but also the efficiency of decision-making.

Historically, customers who needed to plan and operate transportation had to use a broad range of disparate tools, which could be costly to maintain and prone to inconsistencies. Aimsun’s new solutions are true to the company’s long-held philosophy of integration and are all built on a single platform; this platform is as valid for historical trend analysis as it is for assessing major infrastructure benefits 30 years into the future; the platform can adapt to almost any application, from assessing the operational benefits of priority-based traffic management at a vehicle-by-vehicle level to analyzing how a city-wide environmental transportation policy might affect emissions. A single foundation also means that the solutions are seamlessly scalable and can easily be adapted to changing customer scopes, budgets, and timescales.

A user-friendly dashboard for the Aimsun Predict solution showing traffic congestion


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Nadia Feddo

Global Head of Marketing

About Aimsun:

Aimsun is an international leader in digital mobility solutions for transportation authorities, highway agencies, public transit operators and consultancies.

Aimsun’s simulation and predictive data analytics help customers to understand transportation network performance, to predict its future evolution, and to support decision making.