ANGOKA wins big at Infosecurity Europe 2023

The Belfast-based cybersecurity firm has been crowned UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME

Belfast-based cyber security specialist ANGOKA has been awarded the title of ‘UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME’ at this year’s Infosecurity Europe.

ANGOKA’s solutions for smart cities and smart mobility which strengthens the cybersecurity and safety of connected devices such as connected and autonomous vehicles, has been recognised by both the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and Infosecurity Europe as meeting technology goals, seeing them win the award as the UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME 2023.

Now in its eighth year, the prestigious contest open to micro, small and medium cybersecurity businesses registered in the UK saw 14 of the UK’s most creative and original information security businesses shortlisted and competing for the title.

ANGOKA’s unique and patented solution represents a paradigm shift by securing the device rather than the network. They provide an integrated identity and key management technology to embed trust in connected devices even over untrusted networks in areas including Critical National Infrastructure, Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, and Industry 4.0

In accepting the award, ANGOKA’s Business Development Manager, Paul Ellis, said: “The UK has a brilliant and dynamic cyber sector and to be recognised by your industry peers is a great honour and truly humbling. We’ve approached the important issue of securing IoT and machine to machine communication with a fresh perspective and a unique approach that’s increased traction in the market. We’ve got something different and the judges recognised our innovation and the future of ANGOKA. This recognition will help us continue on our upward trajectory.”

Andrew Elliot, deputy director, DSIT, said “Cyber SMEs are the backbone of the UK sector, making up more than 90% of the companies in the country. They help drive innovation by bringing new products and services to the market, and that is why we are proud to sponsor this competition. Congratulations to this year’s winner ANGOKA, and all the finalists for making the final decision so tough.”

Nicole Mills, Exhibition Director at Infosecurity Group, commented: “This competition is a highlight of the event and an opportunity to spotlight innovation and provide a launch pad for up and coming cybersecurity start-ups. We’ve seen past winners really thrive and go on to achieve great things, growing exponentially and receiving funding to continue their growth. ANGOKA are a prime example of a company keeping pace with an evolving industry and spotting opportunities to innovate and meet industry demands.” 

Infosecurity Europe is the biggest gathering of the information security industry in Europe, taking place between 20–22 June 2023 in ExCel London. 

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About ANGOKA    

ANGOKA is an IoT security company focused on protecting machine-to-machine communications for Smart Cities and Mobility. Headquartered in Belfast, with offices in London and The Hague, ANGOKA offers high-assurance cybersecurity solutions that protect critical systems of connected devices. An increasing number of connected devices are used for managing and operating our Smart Cities, and to ensure their safety and resilience, securing the device communication becomes paramount. ANGOKA creates trust where no trust can be assumed.