Clearview Intelligence reflects on 50 years of transport technology at TTF Conference

Clearview is marking its 50th birthday year by sponsoring the TTF Conference at the Leonardo Hotel, Hinkley Island in Leicestershire, and Head of Technical Sales Peter Cattell spent his speech reviewing some of the most interesting schemes and solutions that have been deployed during the company’s lifetime.

He highlighted how the use of technology can cost effectively overcome challenges that were prohibitively expensive or even impossible to resolve any other way.

The popular event brings together national government, local authorities, suppliers and academia to explain government policy and showcase best practice and innovation in the use of technology.  Mr Cattell reflected on changes since Clearview started life as Golden River traffic in 1974, specialising in traffic monitoring and data capture devices before moving into innovative solar-powered road stud technology and then more signage, data capture and software solutions.

He also discussed how transport technology has moved beyond the motor vehicle to meet a demand for better road safety for cyclists and pedestrians, highlighting numerous Clearview Intelligence projects across the UK. These include schemes that help drivers to navigate a complex junction, provide guidance on the safe speed to approach a location as well as explain how their SolarLite road studs not only improve safety, but also contribute to a more sustainable solution than traditional street lighting.

“It’s a real honour to represent Clearview Intelligence at the TTF on this our 50th year,” he said.  “The TTF community is a key group in this industry and its this is a great opportunity to address this community as a whole. It’s interesting that many people in this community think that Clearview Intelligence are a much larger organisation than we actually are, and I hope that this presentation will allow the delegates to understand the wide range of solutions that we have bought to the UK road network over such a long time.”