Clearview Intelligent Road Studs being installed at M90 Forth Road Bridge

Paul Hutton reported in Highways News today the next phase of the project to allow traffic to be diverted over the Forth Road Bridge more easily if the Queensferry Crossing has to close is getting underway, with a series of overnight roadworks on the M90 on the nights of 23 to 25 January ahead of the installation of Intelligent Road Studs from Clearview Intelligence.

The Queensferry Crossing will not be closed during these works, however local diversions will be in place for traffic using the M90 north and south of the bridge.

Last year a new automated vehicle restraint barrier system was installed on either side of the Queensferry Crossing and a successful trial was completed in November. These barriers will allow M90 traffic to be diverted via the Forth Road Bridge more rapidly, should the Queensferry Crossing need to be closed for any reason.

The next phase of the project involves setting out a system of Clearview studs, which will guide traffic safely through the diversion route created by the deployed barriers by lighting up to clearly define the carriageway lanes diverting from the M90 onto the A9000 Forth Road Bridge.

Installation of the road studs will be carried out over approximately three weeks beginning at the end of February, with further works later in 2024 to fully automate the barrier system.

Chris Tracey, BEAR Scotland’s South East Unit Bridges Manager, said: “These intelligent road studs are a key part of the new automated barrier system. In conjunction with the moveable barriers, they will provide an illuminated diversion route through the crossovers between the M90 and the A9000.

“It is essential that the road studs are set out accurately to provide the optimum alignment. These overnight road closures in January will allow us to achieve this safely.”

BEAR Scotland is leading this project as part of its responsibility for the South East Trunk Road Network on behalf of Transport Scotland. Clearview Intelligence is responsible for the installation of the new intelligent road studs.