Data Secured: Re-flow Locks Down Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Re-flow have gone a step further in ensuring the security of their client’s data by receiving Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification scheme, designed to set a strong security baseline and help businesses operate securely online. Cyber Essentials Plus is an extended version of Cyber Essentials, with additional security controls, that unlocks more public-sector opportunities.

Cyber Essentials Plus has a more robust process to obtain this certification. It must be applied for within three months of gaining Cyber Essentials accreditation. A company is then subjected to internal and external vulnerability scans and workstation assessments, a remediation process to resolve or mitigate security risks which is then assessed by the certification body.

Security and keeping client data secure is Re-flow’s top priority. Earlier this year, with the launch of 1.6, extra measures were added including Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Single Sign On (SSO) to increase security.

According to a 2023 report from Verizon, over 80% of hacking-related data breaches are caused by compromised passwords. Both 2FA and SSO tackle this key issue.

Two Factor Authentication allows user accounts to be linked to their mobile phone, enabling them to verify their log-in attempt with an SMS verification code. This ensures no one can compromise a user’s details and gain free rein over your data.

Single sign on (SSO) enables users to access multiple corporate services using just one set of securely authenticated credentials. A single access point is safer than dozens of unique credentials. If we think of every log-in throughout the day as an access point, reducing that to the bare minimum greatly limits cybercriminals’ opportunities to breach your data.

Leandro Wade, CTO and Co-Founder said: “We are very pleased to be Cyber Essential Plus certified. This reinforces our pursuit of ensuring all our data is as secure as possible. We take online security seriously and this certification demonstrates our commitment, hopefully in turn enhancing our reputation with customers and stakeholders.”

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