Gaist Launch National Survey of Scotland

In the spring of 2024 Gaist will be undertaking a National Survey of Scotland’s road network and surrounding infrastructure.

Our aim is to capture the most complete and detailed picture of the true state of Scotland’s roads to produce highly detailed analysis at a local, regional and national level. We aim to complete this survey by mid to late autumn of 2024.

As a result of this survey we will have all the data in our system to enable you to have access to:

– Road Condition
– Footway Condition
– Asset Inventory Identification and Condition
– TRO Digitisation (for parking, speed limit reduction e.g. 20’s plenty)
– Road / Footway Widths (for assessment of on footway parking)

In addition, we will have full 360 degree, high definition imagery for all your network and all the data we supply can be used in any standard pavement management sysyem or GIS platform including WDMs PMS tool

Gaist already supplies a growing number of Scottish Councils with data and professional services and have done so for many years.

This survey will be made available via our Roads as a Service initiative which aims to have all the road data needed by Highways Asset Managers available in one place in the most consistent, cost effective and highly accurate format that can be used to underpin the management of their roads.

We believe this will bring about a transformation in the understanding of roads infrastructure and road safety in Scotland and the UK as a whole.

Gaist provides its surveys annually to close to 40% of the English Local Highways Authorities and has provided national surveys to the DfT and Welsh Government. Gaist recently provided a national survey to 19 of 22 Welsh authorities to underpin the default reduction of speed limits to 20mph.

By collecting large scale coverage of data, we are able to significantly reduce the cost to our clients. Therefore, the services offered above are available to purchase at a significantly lower rates than any traditional method available to you currently and with a higher accuracy and quality.

Gaist has always provided its customers with the most detailed and highest integrity data available in the industry and this is a great opportunity to access our data in a very cost effective way.

Access to Gaist data is available directly via the RAMS Framework, making procurement quick and easy. Our current customers have made considerable savings over alternative traditional surveys, which fail to offer the range and quality of data we provide. We also support this data with a range of professional services.

If you are interested in learning more about the survey data we provide, to compare against your survey objectives this year, we would like the opportunity to discuss with you how you can benefit from the work we are undertaking.