Gaist launches new central hub for all client services

Gaist have launched the ‘Gaist Hub’, a new central repository for all of its services for clients, enabling easy access to every aspect of their world leading roadscape intelligence offer.

Launched on Monday 13th September, the hub will transform how our clients engage with our products and services, providing an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for all available data integrations and full control over the services available to them.

Spanning everything from our condition and asset surveys to SafetyView and connected vehicle data integrations, this puts the power firmly in the hands of those using our data and analysis.

What does this mean for our clients?

The Gaist Hub is an easy-to-use management tool with direct links to every application available to the user, viewable through the Hub. Designed to place the customer at the centre of what we do, the Hub puts the full potential of our combined solutions in the hands of those who will use it- it has never been easier to access and use AssetStream, HighwayView and SafetyView from the desktop.

With the expansion of Gaist’s data partnerships and continuing development of our core offer, Gaist now offer a broader array of integrations than ever before. The user can also, as one example, now view additional data integrations provided by Gaist such as connected vehicle data analysis from partners AISIN alongside our core offer, all in one place.

Furthermore, users will be able to see delivery dates and live updates on progress related to image collection, processing and carriageway inspection- a completely transparent view of everything available to them. This will sit alongside all previous work completed- enabling easy access to previous surveys and management of licences.

Nominated key contacts will also now be able to easily manage users and permissions within their organisation without contacting anyone at Gaist. At a few clicks of a button, highways managers can now give their team everything they need to perform their roles effectively, creating unique workspaces for each user.

It will also be easy to see the latest news and updates on what’s going on at Gaist with notifications relevant to the user alongside quick access to other potential solutions that may be of interest. Our solutions for active travel and safety inspections (as two examples which the user may not currently be subscribed to) will now be easy to explore.

Though these developments give the user a degree of access and control never offered before, Gaist coordinators will still be listed for every project, supporting the user every step of the way- we are putting the user at the forefront of our product development.

It has never been easier to harness the full potential of Gaist’s products and services- our clients can log in and get started here- If you are interested in learning more but are not currently a gaist customer please contact us here for a demo at your convenience.