HAAS Alert & Apex Networks Partner to Protect UK Roadside Technicians

HAAS Alert, a company with the largest commercially deployed V2X safety network powered by its Safety Cloud® digital alerting platform, is pleased to announce a joint partnership with Apex Networks, the company behind the most advanced vehicle breakdown recovery management system on the market.

Many rescue and recovery technicians in the U.K. already use the Apex Networks mobile application for notifications for their next run. Safety Cloud digital alerts are now seamlessly integrated into that existing process.

When a technician arrives to assist the stranded motorist, they click a button in the Apex Networks app that says they are on scene. Now, that will trigger Safety Cloud to deliver alerts to approaching drivers through its network of alerting partners, including popular navigation apps like Waze. As the technician leaves the scene, they will click a button that says they are leaving the scene. Once that action occurs, Safety Cloud will cease digital alerts to nearby drivers.

“We are excited to partner with Apex Networks, as they share our dedication to protecting rescue and recovery technicians on the job,” said Gareth Evans, European Director of Strategy and Business Development of HAAS Alert. “This is a significant step forward in bringing our mission of transforming road safety to Europe.”

As 95 percent of rescue and recovery organisations already use Apex Networks, this partnership will help create a robust and interconnected safety network in the UK.

“The safety of our users is our number one priority,” stressed JP Dekker, CEO of Apex Networks, “By connecting to Safety Cloud, we’re able to provide our rescue and recovery technicians with an extra critical level of protection on the job.”