Introducing SolarLite Click

The Future of Road Safety: The SolarLite Clicks Road to Approval

Clearview Intelligence in collaboration with the WJ Group are pleased to announce that one of their newest product developments, the SolarLite Click, has begun live road trials to achieve Department for Transport BS EN1463 type approval.

SolarLite Click is the latest addition to the Clearview Intelligence range of solar-powered Active Road Studs. The innovative new design of the stud enables it to be fixed as an inset within a durable cast iron housing, which is then installed into the road surface. This provides all the benefits of solar powered LED road studs, such as reducing night-time accidents, improving visibility and as a sustainable alternative for street lighting, whilst offering additional benefits to the UK Highways industry.

Click in, Click out

These benefits include clicking into a standard P09 cast iron housing unit, meaning it can be easily removed and replaced when necessary, such as at the end of the SolarLite Click’s natural life of over 8 years, without the need to replace the entire housing. This prevents further damage being done to the surface through the lifting and filling of road studs and reduces the need for further materials to be used by just replacing the inset as the housing will likely last as long as the surface.

Owing to the SolarLite Click being housed in a standard product that has already been used across the network, there is the opportunity for it to be retrofitted to existing housings. This standardisation also means the application process is well understood and practiced, enabling installation rates to be achieved that matches many other products used within the industry, such as the 301 retro-reflective road stud.

Andy Salotti, Clearview Intelligence’s Client Relationship Director said of the new SolarLite Click “The primary goals across industry stakeholders are to achieve zero fatalities and eliminate the use of carbon on UK roads, ensuring safe and sustainable networks for all users. The SolarLite Click will enhance road visibility and instil a sense of safety and confidence in drivers during night-time hours. Independent research has shown that drivers rely heavily on road lining and studs for night-time navigation, making the SolarLite Click a reliable alternative to street lighting in certain network areas. We are thrilled to be collaborating with WJ to introduce this industry-driven active road stud to the market, in anticipation of the benefits it will bring to all road users.”


SolarLite Click has undergone an extensive development programme, utilising the same high quality, tried and tested technology and materials used throughout the SolarLite range, the Click has also been placed on WJ’s Accelerated Product Tester. On this advanced testing equipment, it has received in excess of a million wheel-overs which exerted up to 2000kg of force from the HGV tyres and 900 kg from the car tyres. The stud has now been deployed for live road trials in the UK to meet the requirements for BS EN1463 and the two organisations are confident of achieving this approval in February 2025.

Martin Webb, WJ Group Innovation Director commented “Helping to create safe, sustainable journeys for everyone is what we want to do as a company. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve been so excited to work with Clearview Intelligence on this project as it helps us achieve this through the improvement in road safety and sustainability. With this latest innovation we believe we’ll be able to roll out these benefits across the network through the additional installation benefits we can deliver.”

Whilst the wait is on for final approvals, the SolarLite Click can be used as surface stud for off highway applications or for international applications where EN1463 is not a requirement. The housings can also be deployed with retro-reflective studs and then replaced in the future with the SolarLite Click.