ITS UK responds to Conservative Manifesto

Responding to the Conservative General Election Manifesto, Max Sugarman, Chief Executive of Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK), said: “We welcome that the Conservative Party’s Manifesto highlights the vital role of transport technology for the UK, with commitments to roll out pay-as-you-go contactless ticketing, deliver the National Parking Platform, and recognising the continuing need to improve safety across the road network.

“As our Manifesto for the Future of Transport sets out, however, the UK does need to have an open discussion around how we tackle the £35 billion hole in government revenue from falling road taxes. As our Manifesto highlights, shifting to mobility pricing, delivered in an equitable, fair and clear way, would not only help ensure the Exchequer continues to secure this vital revenue – which goes to pay for a number of public services beyond transport – but could be used to reduce emissions and support achieving our Net Zero targets too.”

Note to Editors

  1. The Conservative Manifesto sets out its transport policy on page 57. You can read it here
  2. The ITS UK Manifesto for the Future of Transport can be found here.
  3. ITS UK will be issuing responses on all main Political Party Manifestos as they are published.
  4. About ITS UK: Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK) is the voice of the transport technology industry. ITS UK provides a national platform to support the roll out of technology for a cleaner, safer and more effective transport network, both at home and abroad. We support our 175 members – from both the private and public sector, and covering all sizes and disciplines – through advocacy to policy makers, connecting people and organisations, promoting the industry overseas and supporting innovation across the intelligent transport ecosystem.