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Kokpits provides the leading industry mobility analytics solution to allow places and drivers to better connect. With Kokpits,…

Mobility Flow

Consultancy advice on all things intelligent mobility

Intelligent Instruments Ltd

Intelligent Instruments provide smart monitoring platforms for the real-time monitoring of noise, vibration, dust, weather conditions, audio and high definition video.


Intellias is a global technology partner enabling change and transformation across industries, and generating long-lasting value for businesses, people, and the wider world.


THEOREMUS is a data science and technology company, focused on creating solutions that address urban development challenges and offer efficient optimization alternatives for modern cities.

Aston University


UBIPOS UK LTD is a field/world-leading and internationally renowned geospatial science and civil engineering company that has global excellence in delivering combined commercial and innovative systems and top-level GNSS and PNT consultancy in the UK, EU, PRC, MENA and beyond.

Ardesey Ltd

With over 20 years in Marketing and Communications, Rachael started Ardesey with one aim – to work on what she wanted to work on, with – and for – people she clicked with and admired, whilst enjoying herself. It was whilst working for Dod’s that she found her niche in engaging with the public sector and was able to feed her lifelong interest in politics, government and lobbying.

Boundary Concepts Ltd

Mark Reynolds is a self-employed engineer who specializes in road safety. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry, and he is passionate about making roads safer for everyone.