StarTraq solutions are designed to create efficiencies and improve productivity. Over 50% of UK police forces and several international enforcement agencies have chosen StarTraq.

Our software automates offence processing for police and government authorities to issue millions of notices annually. Our cloud-based back-office enforcement solution, the DOME, can be used by the Police and Councils to process any type of offence for which a ticket can be issued, e.g. speeding, red-light running, parking, environmental, yellow box and bus lane offences. Our mobile ticketing application, Traqer, enables an officer to capture, upload and print a ticket or a Traffic Offence Report (TOR).

Any images, documents, audio and video can be uploaded to the DOME to be stored and processed per requirements. The customisable workflow allows the DOME to be configured to reflect any business process and enhance it to create efficiencies.   Repetitive tasks can be automated using the sophisticated rules engine, resulting in less administration and greater data integrity. Data retrieval is fast and simple at each stage of the process, management statistics can be swiftly generated to aid strategic decision-making, and evidence can be produced at the touch of a button.

In addition, our cloud-based permits and licensing system, StarGo, is an application for local government to manage highway licences and permits, including skips, crossovers, TTROs, scaffolding, highways searches and Section 50s. StarGo interfaces with Street Manager via API.

StarGo consists of a smartphone-compatible portal for applications and renewals, back-office software to manage the application process, and an enforcement app for Highways Inspectors to check the validity of licences in the field. Applicants receive automated emails and reminders to help improve compliance and renewal rates.

Ultimately, the main benefits of choosing StarTraq are quantifiable operational efficiencies driven by automation and versatility.