The Awards are open to all ITS UK Members (as well as all public sector organisations, including non-members). Nominations are free and organisations and individuals can enter as many categories as they wish.

The following award descriptions and judging criteria can be downloaded here.

Awards for Individuals

The following awards celebrate those individuals who have gone above and beyond in the sector.

Rees Hills Award for Outstanding Personal Contribution

The Rees Hills Award for Personal Contribution and Achievement is named in honour of Neville Rees and Peter Hills, two of the early pioneers of the use of technology in transport. This Award will be given to a professional with a proven and sustained track record of innovation, leadership and talent as well as someone who has a made real difference to the ITS industry in the UK.

Jennie Martin Award for ITS Woman of the Year

The Jennie Martin Award of ITS Woman of the Year is named in honour of Jennie Martin, who was ITS UK Secretary General for over 20 years. Jennie created a formidable legacy, inspiring and encouraging more women to be visible and influential within the ITS sector. This Award will be given to a female ITS professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry and someone who is seen as a role model for early careers women in ITS.

Eric Sampson Award for Early Careers Professional of the Year

The Eric Sampson Award for Early Careers Professional is named in honour of our recently retired ITS UK Ambassador, Eric Sampson who has created a lasting platform and supported the next generations of ITS professionals throughout a long and outstanding career. This award will be given to someone within the first five years of their career, demonstrating in exceptional talent and potential and also an individual who has already delivered a project or business success in ITS.

Frontline Hero award

The Frontline Hero Award celebrates an individual Member who has made an outstanding and significant contribution in a public facing or on-network role. This is someone who understands and supports the value of technology in transport and deserves recognition for their skills and expertise.

Awards for Organisations

The following awards are for organisations, in both the public and private sector, who are worthy of recognition.

Exporter of the Year Award

The Exporter of the Year Award celebrates those companies that have made a mark in showing growth overseas, through exporting their goods and services to new markets, or by contributing to an international project that has made a real difference in the region. The Exporter of the Year will have shown innovative thinking and dynamism in growing their operations overseas, from their base in the UK, perhaps working with partners or key clients to support their success.

Client or Public Sector Body of the Year Award

The Public Sector Body or Client of the Year Award shines a light on a public organisation leading the way in transport technology. The organisation could be a local authority, a public transport authority, sub-national transport body or Government department. The winner will be an organisation should show excellent project delivery and be one that is utilising ITS to improve the lives of the public and is embracing innovation and collaboration with its suppliers.

Start-Up or Scale-Up of the Year Award

The Start Up or Scale Up of the Year is a company that has started its growth journey, providing an innovative new product or service into the market, securing funding and is starting to see growth and revenue. The Award celebrates those just starting out who are already making an impact on the transport sector.

Awards for Projects

The following awards are for projects or schemes delivered over the past two years.

A Sustainable Environment through Technology Award

The Sustainable Environment through Technology Award intends to showcase a project or solution that use technology to reduce emissions, improve the environment or reduce noise and improve air quality. Entires could cover Sustainable transport solutions, EV charging or a project that is supporting the UK in achieving Net Zero.

Digitalisation and Digital Services Award

The Digitisation and Digital Services Award celebrates a project or solution that uses digital technology to improve traffic management, traveller information or public transport efficiency, for example. This could include applications of data, or AI, or through greater connectivity. Examples of projects to enter would include those in digital design, construction & operation; digital twins; big data and analytics or cybersecurity and resilience.

Better Safety through Technology Award

The Better Safety through Technology Award will be given to a project or solution that uses technology to support transport safety. This could be through enforcement technology or through the use of transport management and operation.

Public Transport Award

The Public Transport Award is a project or solution that uses technology to improve the efficiency or attractiveness of travelling by public transport. This category can include a project involved in smart or integrated ticketing, demand responsive transport, mobility as a service, for example. This should be something that has made a real contribution quicker, cheaper and more effective than traditional solutions such as adding extra services or seats.

Connected and Autonomous Mobility Award

The CAM Award looks at the latest in connected and automated mobility, celebrating those that are advancing the way in areas like V2X, self-driving vehicles, connected vehicle services and much more.

Better Mobility through Technology Award

This Award aims to recognise the most effective project or solution that uses Active Travel or Micromobility technology to improve the lives of people. This could be an app, traffic management technology or data service that has helped the uptake of active travel and mobility schemes. This should be something that has made a real contribution quickly and affordably and an idea that can be implemented nation-wide and potentially overseas.

Better Accessibility through Technology Award

The Better Accessibility through Technology Award seeks to improve access to the transport network through technological interventions, supporting the most vulnerable in society to travel easily and comfortably.

Changing Behaviour with Technology Award

The Changing Behaviour with Technology Award seeks to show how human factors and user behaviour are being utilised to improve the way we use the transport network. This could cover areas like nudge theory, or show an example of where a new technology has been successfully introduced by utilising behavioural insights and psychology. The Award could also show how a project’s implementation has been smoothly introduced through an effective marketing or communications campaign.

Other Awards

Project of the Year Award: The Project of the Year Award is presented to the overall winner, selected from the above “project” categories to celebrate one outstanding winner who has truly impressed the judges and demonstrated excellence and innovation in all relevant areas. 

People’s Choice Award: The People’s Choice Award is voted on by ITS UK members and the wider industry, once all nominations have been received. Please indicate on your nomination form if you would like to be nominated for this Award too. Please note, this award is not applicable for organisational or individual nominations.

Judging Criteria

Each award submission will be judged on how well it meets the award category and description. The judges will look for clear and quantitative evidence of the criteria, but will also consider more qualitative evidence and will exercise personal judgement. The judges will also consider:

Criteria for Individual Awards

  • Innovative – a demonstration of innovation, new thinking and bold ideas.
  • Leadership – evidence of long-term commitment, leadership, and willingness to be involved
  • Forward thinking – reflects progressiveness and a futuristic outlook 
  • Expertise – a strong understanding of the industry.
  • Commitment – going ‘above and beyond’ on a project or as part of their organisation.

Criteria for Organisation Awards

  • Innovative – How well the organisation fosters innovation and new thinking
  • Collaboration – evidence of the organisation working with others or part of the wider industry.
  • Commitment – whether to their people, society or industry, a commitment to doing the right thing.
  • Effectiveness – a strong focus on delivery, to time and budget.

Criteria for Project Awards

  • Innovative – an innovative development bringing together different initiatives and technologies
  • Well developed – past the “bright idea” and prototype stage and showing proven technology or business benefits
  • Sustainable – durable and likely to have a lasting impact/benefit on ITS
  • Transferrable – capable of being transferred to other locations/applications 
  • Impact – demonstrable beneficial effects (safety, environmental, congestion, economy, inclusiveness, publicity etc.) above that achievable without ITS

All award submissions should have a UK element; such as a project being delivered by a UK organisation (even if overseas) or be an individual, project or organisation based in the UK.