New Season 3 of @ITSNow on YouTube

ITS Now is pleased to announce that the first episode of Season 3 of our @ITSNow YouTube Channel
will be available from 12:00 on Sunday 25th February 2024.

Alistair Gollop, Founder of ITS Now, said “ITS Now exists to promote best practice and professional
development within the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) sector. As part of this initiative, ITS Now
has so far produced around 40 long-form programmes about a wide range of ITS related topics. We
are very proud to say that we have been working with an increasing number of organisations to
bring these videos to our users on YouTube, and we have a full and varied programme for 2024”.
ITS Now is recognised by our Professional Development Partners, Intelligent Transport Systems – UK
and The Institute of Highway Engineers for the educational and informative content it produces.
To find out more about the videos, search for @ITSNow on YouTube, or go to:

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