A Manifesto for the Future of Transport

ITS UK’s Manifesto for the Future of Transport sets out ten recommendations for a future Government ahead of the Summer 2024 General Election.


Connectivity and Autonomy

  • Make greater use of the significant amount of data available on the transport network to improve customer service and drive cost efficiencies, by focusing on breaking down siloes between government, at all levels, and industry.
  • Take advantage of the new regulatory framework for autonomous vehicles to ensure the UK is able to become a global leader in self-driving technology.


  • Commit to the production of a UK-wide Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Strategy, with consideration across all transport policy, which local areas will use to ensure that their MaaS implementations are interconnected, compatible and affordable.
  • Utilise industry expertise to speed up the roll out of smart ticketing, supported by a commitment to fares parity.
  • Introduce a MicroMobility Bill to create a new regulatory framework for e-scooters and other forms of micromobility.

Sustainability and Society

  • Deliver a roadmap to the gradual introduction of mobility pricing, that incentivises the fairer and sustainable use of the transport network.
  • Leverage technology to achieve the UK’s transport safety ambitions. his will require the maintenance and renewal of current technology, alongside the introduction of new solutions along the network.
  • Support Demand Responsive Transport by putting it on an independent regulatory footing with equivalent VAT treatment to other modes of public transport.

Industry Growth

  • Support a different approach to the procurement of transport technology that supports funding for operational expenditure for local authorities.
  • Prioritise a home-grown intelligent transport industry as a key export of strategic value to the UK.