Q-Free Announces Release of Kinetic Weather Module

  • As part of Q-Free’s Summer of Kinetic series, the company is releasing its latest module, Kinetic Weather, bringing real-time road weather information into its Kinetic Mobility ATMS platform
  • As part of a comprehensive Kinetic Mobility system, Kinetic Weather enables weather responsive traffic management strategies to enhance road safety in potential dangerous conditions
  • Today’s release marks the beginning of Q-Free’s Summer of Kinetic campaign to promote awareness through instructional webinars, deployments, and more

Chesapeake, Virginia, June 25, 2024 – Q-Free, a global leader in mobility solutions for smart city infrastructure, today announced the release of Kinetic Weather, the latest module created as part of the company’s Kinetic® Mobility platform. The module enables weather-responsive traffic management by gathering and tracking data from weather stations on potentially unsafe roadway conditions including pavement conditions (ice, water temperature, etc.) rain, windspeed and direction, visibility, and more. The module alerts traffic managers in real-time and can also be configured to deliver automatic responses including lowered speed limits, VMS sign warnings and alerts via the web or other public facing applications.

An Essential Component in Traffic Management

Weather events put transportation systems at risk. Kinetic Weather enhances road safety by helping traffic professionals streamline and automate responses through the comprehensive Kinetic Mobility ATMS solution. Kinetic Mobility is the industry’s first scalable ATMS platform that integrates all ITS devices into a single decision-making dashboard across freeway and arterial management, eliminating the need for patchwork solutions.

The new Kinetic Weather module, when paired with other Kinetic Mobility modules, is a powerful tool for quickly and effectively managing deteriorating weather conditions, and replaces stressful workflows caused by cobbled-together systems.

With Kinetic Mobility and its menu of modules, agencies can customize their ATMS needs and scale their capability as traffic circumstances dictate or budgets allow.

“Kinetic Weather is the perfect tool for any agency looking for an intuitive solution to stay ahead of dangerous weather conditions,” said Mark Talbot, Q-Free’s CEO. “We’re committed to providing cost effective, flexible and scalable solutions that make sense for the smallest agency dipping their toes into smart traffic management, to the largest department of transportation managing thousands of miles of roads.”

The “Summer of Kinetic”

This summer, Q-Free’s signature Kinetic Mobility platform is hitting its stride with an awareness series of planned releases, instructional webinars and deployments all under the headline, the “Summer of Kinetic.” One recent success is the deployment of the Kinetic Mobility platform and its accompanying modules as the core ATMS for the CV Sync project in California’s Coachella Valley, the largest and arguably most-watched smart region project in the United States.

“We are thrilled to share the Summer of Kinetic with our customers, partners and the industry as a whole,” said Talbot. “As mobility leaders, our goal is to elevate transportation around the globe and as advocates for open APIs, MIBs and standards, sharing the Kinetic Mobility story is part of that commitment.”

About Q-Free

Q-Free is a global leader in intelligent transportation systems, spearheading innovative solutions for tolling, traffic management, and active transportation. Embracing innovation and harnessing the power of technology, we address daily mobility challenges, shaping a future where people, goods, and data travel safely, efficiently, and sustainably. 

With a four-decade legacy, Q-Free’s vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, serving customers worldwide in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

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