Re-flow 1.6 Boosts Efficiency with Enhanced Communication and Job Creation

Re-flow Field Management, the award-winning field management software providers, continue to unveil the core features of Re-flow 1.6, the system’s latest update. To date, the company has unveiled two major features rolling out in the coming months – new security features that bolster user data protection, as well as a comprehensive overhaul to the scheduler’s capabilities and interface.

Drawing this update’s major features to a close come several highly requested updates – in-app message replies, SMS notifications and job presets.

Further empowering cross-team communication

Re-flow’s messaging system is a crucial part of the dashboard’s functionality, enabling administrative users to instantly communicate with operatives in the field without the need for external messaging applications, e-mails or phone calls. This feature benefits from full integration with the rest of the system, enabling file attachments from the knowledge base, image attachments and more.

Until now, dashboard users could remain confident that operatives have read and acknowledged their updates through built-in read receipts. With the new addition of in-app replies, this functionality advances to the next level thanks to fully fleshed out two-way communication.

Replies can now be enabled by dashboard users when sending a message. Once it arrives through an operative’s app, they can send a response, displaying a log of replies should they need to be referred back to in the future.

In addition, messaging and automation notifications now provide support for SMS notifications, adding further communication options alongside existing e-mails, messages and push notifications.

More options to streamline job creation

Job creation is the foundational element of any field management system, Re-flow included. While recurring events and tasks have long been possible with Re-flow’s scheduler, this ability had not extended to re-using full job details.

With Re-flow 1.6, dashboard users can now save entire jobs as presets for later use. This means that jobs can be created, fleshed out with the required information and saved for later use. When creating new jobs, custom presets can now be selected as a template, expediting the creation process even further.

These features mark the end of Re-flow 1.6’s major updates. The system’s existing clients can expect to access these as they’re rolled out in the coming months, being notified of the update through an alert on their dashboard. Full details and documentation are accessible through the dashboard’s support portal, with additional support being available through Re-flow’s software specialists.

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