Re-flow’s Growth Continues with Two Internal Promotions

Re-flow Field Management is excited to announce two big promotions that reflect our continued growth, and our commitment to keep on delivering the highest standard of customer service.

With the Re-flow team continuing to expand, support has now been split in two. This move ensures that Re-flow has the kind of management oversight that matches our ambitions and maintains the quality of our work.

Rob Turland, Head of Support

Rob Turland takes his five years of working at Re-flow, and his expertise in the software, and assumes the slightly readjusted role of Head of Support.

Rob says, ‘About 90% of the support we get is front line – the specific requests that really make the extra difference to our clients: small technical changes, simple form builds, issue fixing – all for free. We pride ourselves on being able to give very fast support and making sure that everything clients receive from us is the best quality.’

Onboarding covers the gentle, hand-holding introduction to using Re-flow that companies receive when they sign up.

Account Management has traditionally been covered by another section of the Re-flow team, but soon comes under Rob’s remit. The focus is on large-scale clients and their unique challenges, and on meeting and surpassing this high-level demand.  

Rob says there’s a trick to all of this. ‘Rather than looking at each issue only as a problem-solving exercise, it’s important to understand the clients on a human level. Treating everyone as another person just trying to do their job, being able to empathise with people and really understand their exact needs, and the reason for the needs, is so important.’   

Matt Lake, Head of Client Services

Re-flow’s impressive growth over the last five years has led to a 6x increase in support staff. As that rapid growth continues, the need to maintain the quality of our service has led to the creation of a new position: Head of Client Services.

Matt Lake takes his encyclopaedic knowledge of the Re-flow software into this role.

Matt’s Project Management team helps enterprise clients navigate the unique challenges large-scale businesses have when levelling up their systems. Their expertise is in making large-scale workflows not only manageable in a digital realm, but better than they were before.

The project managers keep clients on track and help them achieve their goals. They make sure everything is just right, and that support-client relationships are maintained through regular meetings and reports.

Outreach deal with complex needs and difficult short-term issues. Although this can be done remotely, they often travel to businesses in person, where they attempt to hash out any issues quickly and efficiently.

Second-line support investigate bugs, triage feature requests, build technical forms, make custom functions and advanced formulas. ‘The techy stuff’.

What are Matt’s strengths? He told us, ‘I’m a good translator from customer needs to technical requirements, and vice versa. I’m able to liaise back from tech speak to clients, and really build on those relationships.’

Re-flow: A Comprehensive Piece of Software and a Great Place to Work

Both Matt and Rob’s new roles have come from a forward-thinking approach to Re-flow’s growth. As evidenced by Re-flow’s 2023’s Sunday Times Best Place to Work Award, the company understands how to treat its staff. This is critical because, as Rob pointed out, ‘Happy staff are better at providing top-level support.’ 

The great atmosphere in the Re-flow headquarters is powered by people like Matt and Rob, among others. The atmosphere has been attractive to new recruits, who continue to add to an ever-growing and talented team.