SEA’s Intelligent Transport Systems to Improve School Safety in Newcastle

SEA has been awarded a contract to provide ROADflow Attended enforcement systems to Newcastle City Council, helping to support school safety in the city.

SEA’s ROADflow Attended is a complete solution, including cameras and software, that monitors school Keep Clear zones and allows enforcement officers to view, capture and process contraventions remotely. The installation of the systems at schools across the city, including in the city centre, Jesmond, Gosforth, and Chapel Park, is aimed at encouraging safer driving, reducing traffic volume, and improving air quality around schools.

Alastair Cobb, Intelligent Transport Systems Director at SEA, said: “Roads around our schools should be safe for pupils, parents, and teachers, both in terms of traffic and how clean the air is. We are proud that our solution, ROADflow Attended, will enhance school safety in Newcastle. Drawing on over 30 years of our product designers’ experience, the system will enable enforcement officers to capture traffic contraventions and, over time, improve driver behaviour where installed.”

Providing the ability to view, record and control up to four camera streams simultaneously, ROADflow Attended is an easy-to-use solution to discourage traffic contraventions, such as parking on zigzag keep clear areas, parking in prohibited areas and Moving Traffic Contraventions. Joystick controls and pre-set configurations are provided to aid the operator to pan, tilt and zoom in on any potential areas of concern. Integrating seamlessly into an existing back-office, the system is low cost and low maintenance. ROADflow Attended is easy to install, with minimal disruption.

Russell Nelson, Service Development Lead at Newcastle City Council, said: “Road safety around schools is of paramount importance and we know this is an issue that many people are concerned about. Unfortunately we see regular instances where drivers ignore School Keep Clear restrictions, often at times when our mobile patrols are operating elsewhere. Using technology from SEA, we are now able to implement ongoing fixed enforcement in areas where there are persistent parking issues, which we hope will result in a change to driver behaviour and improved safety for school children.”

SEA has provided high-quality software, products, and services for complex engineering environments in transport markets for over a decade. Developed to support the demands of the current Road Traffic, Traffic Management and Civil Enforcement Acts, SEA’s systems support transport organisations across the UK such as Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail and many UK local authorities.

The ROADflow product suite is supported by one of the largest in-house support teams in the traffic enforcement market and have been fully certified by the UK Vehicle Certification Authority (VCA).