Smartmicro Sensors Installed In Sherborne, Dorset, UK

Thanks to the smartmicro radars, they promptly overcame their challenges

Dorset County Council faced a challenge at a recently refurbished junction in Sherborne. Due to complex road conditions, previously installed traditional loop detection simply wouldn’t work. This experience is quite common: many of our customers switch to smartmicro radar sensors after facing issues with their loop-based systems.

Radar sensors are exactly what this and many other customers need to solve their problem. Our sensors provide above-ground detection. Neither the sensor installation nor the maintenance need traffic disruption – making radar sensor Installation cost-effective.

We needed above-ground detection for two MOVA loops, but physical constraints ruled out traditional methods.” – explained Roger Derrick from Dorset County Council. Thanks to the smartmicro radars, they promptly overcame these challenges, ensuring seamless traffic flow and public satisfaction.