Success for smartmicro™ radar installation in Wales!

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Smart Video & Sensing Ltd supporting clients Centregreat installed the first smartmicro radar in Wales in December 2022.

Adam Williams, Contracts Manager at Centregreat Limited said “The A48 site at Earlswood near Neath Port Talbot was particularly challenging. There was existing Radix RTM detection installation for 2 IN loops and 2 X loops on a dual-carriageway bridge approaching the signals. This detection system was obsolete and intermittently malfunctioning until it finally failed completely.”

He continued “Our customer, SWTRA (South Wales Trunk Roads Agent, Traffic Wales) tasked us with finding an alternative detection system to replace the faulty RTM equipment. The key consideration was that this is on a bridge deck so no loops could be cut, also fog was of concern due to close proximity of the river beneath the bridge.”

Working closely with our engineers Adam chose, with confidence, the UMRR-11 radar solution for installation on that site which was commissioned a few weeks before the Christmas holiday break.

He further reported “The UMRR-11 has been online and operating since installation without fault. This has spurred further interest in the adjacent site over the bridge which has similar requirements after the RTM system here also failed. We have an indication from the client that this work will go ahead in the next few months since the smartmicro radar performance has been impressive. Other Local Authority clients are now interested in the UMRR-11 capabilities as an alternative to loops and other manufacturers detectors and we are working with Smart Video & Sensing Ltd to implement solutions elsewhere. “

Adam’s summarised “We have received very positive comments from our engineers and customer about SVS’s knowledge and after-care of these smartmicro radar products and the SVS flexibility in providing support for installation and commissioning.”

The popularity of the smartmicro radars has gone from strength to strength as customers become familiar with the benefits that the product brings to the above ground traffic detection market.

A welcome addition of the NOVUS data aggregator is the new IPSUM City back-office software which is a bonus to traffic planners who can collect data from any site fitted with a smartmicro radar without affecting the primary purpose of the radar which is detection.