UK SMEs get cost-effective promotional opportunity at ITS European Congress

Small and medium enterprises can get a high-profile platform at Europe’s leading Intelligent Transport Systems Congress next month thanks to a unique partnership of leading supporters of UK transport technology.

The British Pavilion at the ITS European Congress in Lisbon is being hosted by the Transport Technology Forum and Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG), supported by the Department for Transport, Innovate UK, the Department Business and Trade, and ITS (UK).

Participants on the Pavilion have a cost-effective way to participate, providing an opportunity to showcase their innovations in road transport technology on a global stage. There will also be the opportunity to make connections and network with peers from across the continent and beyond, find potential business partners and meet industry experts. The Department Business and Trade will facilitate introductions with key stakeholders for the participants exhibiting on the UK Pavilion throughout the three days of the exhibition.

They will also get to see leading smart mobility solutions and may also take part in the conference giving them an opportunity to learn about the latest ITS technologies and implementations. Participants will be part of a Congress with more than 2,500 visitors, 70 other exhibitors, high level visitors from across the continent, and more than a hundred sessions.

Clearview Intelligence, Nicander, Navtech Radar, Journeo and See.Sense have signed up to be on the Pavilion so far, with more spaces still available. To cater for all requirements, there are a range of opportunities available to participate in the UK Pavilion. Enhanced packages allow for additional space on the Pavilion, with a dedicated networking area, large screen for promotional videos and enhanced branding and promotion. Standard packages include a branded pod with screen, exhibition tickets and inclusion in all promotion leading up to and during the event. The UK-focussed news website Highways News will also be producing podcasts featuring the UK stand participants.

Members of the Department for Transport and Innovate UK will also be participating on the UK Pavilion, while LCRIG is organising a reception to bring delegates to the stand, to which the British Ambassador to Portugal has been invited. Exhibiting on the UK pavilion provides participants with an enhanced platform to showcase their innovations to a wide audience of attendees, whilst benefitting from a reduced cost of attending thanks to funding support for the pavilion from the Department for Transport and Innovate UK.

There is extremely limited space left, so organisations wishing to take part should email for more information.

(Picture shows stand at 2021 ITS World Congress in Hamburg)