Unveiling the NEW SRL Euro Remote Control

In a meaningful development for traffic management customers, SRL Traffic Systems is proud to introduce the new SRL Euro Remote, designed to offer complete remote control of our popular Eurolight temporary traffic signals.

The SRL Euro Remote has been developed in response to popular demand from customers using the proven SRL Radio Remote – the equivalent product for our Radiolight temporary traffic signals. 

SRL’s hand-held remote-control device, SRL Euro Remote, can be used by operators up to 300m from a given set of traffic lights to independently operate individual signals. This facilitates a safe approach to traffic management, where the need for adaptive signal phasing is paramount.

Available to hire from February 2024

The SRL Euro Remote consists of two components, a robust receiver box which is securely attached to the temporary traffic light, and a rugged hand-held transmitter (used by the operator).

Used to control five phases, as well as an all-red function, the compact transmitter uniquely benefits from feedback LEDs. This provides a clear visual indicator of the current phase status. This simple but unique inclusion provides instant operator feedback and reduces the likelihood of simple human error – with sobering consequences for road users. The system also benefits from an All-Red safety feature, which prevents accidental disablement of the All-Red phase. 

The SRL Euro Remote benefits from a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and features a simple USB-C connector enabling users to conveniently charge in a vehicle or depot. With a battery indicator light on the transmitter itself, operators can easily monitor the battery level to ensure they’re never left short. Subject to use, SRL advocates for weekly remote control charging in a proactive stance to battery management – though users should be led by the battery LED on the device.

Peter Almond, Managing Director of Manufacturing at SRL, observes…

“For the team at SRL, this innovation has been a long time coming… Ultimately, safety is the utmost priority for all workers in our sector. We’re proud to have developed another product which facilitates unparalleled flexibility and safety, not only for operatives but for road users too.”