WeAreDots to unveil a Revolutionary Toolbox for Agile Urban Accessibility Management

In an upcoming webinar on the 25th October, dots. will present the TAAM-toolbox, a digital system for agile urban accessibility management.

Smart cities are more and more implementing traffic management strategies and regulations to reach their long-term sustainable mobility goals. While there are already different strategies and regulations in place, a more agile way of adapting these strategies and regulations to dynamically changing conditions is missing. This missing digital lifecycle leads to media discontinuities, reduced awareness and adherence and, in the end, reduced and delayed effects on people’s actual behaviour.

TAAM aims at a full digital lifecycle being supported by an integrated toolbox of existing web-based tools of consortium members which enables smart cities and regions to create, manage and publish their traffic management strategies or regulations for more sustainable mobility as well as analysing their impact.

The web-based tools will be integrated, adapted and evaluated for selected use cases in four pilot cities in Austria and Latvia.

The main goals of TAAM are:

• Enabling the planning of strategies and regulations in a fully digital and thus agile way
• Publishing strategies and regulations faster and in a machine-readable way
• Analysing the impact of strategies and regulations in real-time

TAAM closes a missing link for smart cities on the way to manage their agile sustainable mobility strategies.

To join the webinar click here