Welcome to new Councillors and Mayors

ITS UK has welcomed newly elected and re-elected Councillors and Mayors following the local elections on 2 May, with a new briefing published on the key benefits intelligent transport can provide to communities across the UK.

The note is intended to guide newly and re-elected Councillors and Mayors on the benefits of transport technology and the benefits they can provide. It also provides some useful examples of Government initiatives and activities in the sector.

“On behalf of ITS UK and our members, congratulations to all elected Councillors and Mayors”, said Max Sugarman, Chief Executive of ITS UK.

“Transport technology – whether it is the use of data and AI in traffic management, or utilising demand responsive transport for more flexible bus operations – has the potential to improve the connectivity of your local area, support your local economy and provide greater mobility for your constituents.

“Our new easy-to-digest briefing note sets out how intelligent transport can support your aims, providing your community with greener, more efficient and safer transport options, with some clear examples of the initiatives authorities can currently get involved with.

“We look forward to engaging with all Councillors and Mayors going forward in the coming weeks and months ahead to support the roll out of transport technology across the country.”