Yunex Traffic backs letter to the Prime Minister calling for Future of Transport Bill

  • Yunex Traffic joins 50 leading organisations across the transport sector in signing a letter to the UK Prime Minster.
  • The letter calls for the introduction of a Future Transport Bill to set out regulations for the industry to follow.
  • Yunex Traffic support the need for a bill to provide the required framework for continued innovation.

Yunex Traffic has added its signature to a letter, alongside over 50 organisations, calling for the Prime Minister to introduce a Future of Transport Bill. The open letter, organised by Inteligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK), highlights the need for a bill in order to deliver the right environment for transport innovation to continue to thrive in the UK.

The letter explains the need for a Bill to set out regulations for self- and remote-driving vehicles, move forward with industry reforms in sectors like rail, provide certainty on the future of micro-mobility schemes and support the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK, said: “We are pleased to join with colleagues across the whole transport industry in supporting this letter to the UK Prime Minister. As a leading manufacturer and innovator of ITS solutions for the transport sector, we fully endorse the need for the Future of Transport Bill, which would provide the structure and certainty needed for the industry to move forward together.”

Max Sugarman, Chief Executive of Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK), said: “The UK is home to some of the most innovative transport technology companies in the world, including in areas like connected and autonomous vehicles, smart ticketing, micro-mobility and Mobility as a Service. For the sector to continue to thrive, it needs a Future of Transport Bill that allows the industry to move forward with new technology.

“With a bill promised in the 2022 Queen’s Speech, it is now more urgent than ever that we see legislation introduced. We urge the Prime Minister to bring a bill forward in November, when the King opens Parliament, and look forward to working with Government going forward to support our transport sector, with the jobs, economic growth and investment it provides.”

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