Yunex Traffic’s enforcement solutions for Manchester City Council will reduce delays and improve traffic flows

  • Yunex Traffic will be supplying and maintaining the infrastructure and systems to enforce moving traffic contraventions across the city.
  • The company’s LaneWatch ANPR cameras will initially be installed at seven sites in Manchester, to enforce yellow box junctions and banned turns.
  • Effective enforcement will help improve traffic flows, road safety and air quality

Manchester City Council is the latest authority to award Yunex Traffic a contract to supply and maintain an ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) civil enforcement camera solution to detect and enforce moving traffic contraventions. The contract is initially for a three-year period, with an option to extend by a further two years, and aims to commission one new enforcement site across the city every month.

Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 came into force in October 2022, giving Local Authorities outside London, such as Manchester City Council, the power to enforce moving traffic contraventions. Yunex Traffic will be supporting the Council’s new enforcement programme, installing and maintaining the company’s LaneWatch ANPR cameras at sites across the city.

The first phase of the programme will see cameras installed at seven sites, including at banned turns and yellow box junctions. These sites were selected following an assessment of multiple locations by Greater Manchester Police, Transport for Greater Manchester and the Manchester City Council Neighbourhood teams.

Enforcing moving traffic contraventions at these sites across Manchester will reduce road congestion and improve journey times for public transport and emergency service vehicles, as well as helping to improve air quality by reducing transport related emissions – and so contribute to Manchester’s net zero targets.

In cities where our systems are already in operation, we have seen both journey times and air quality significantly improve.Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK

The Yunex Traffic LaneWatch ANPR camera accurately identifies potential contraventions in real-time, with video evidence recorded to give a contextual overview, and still images capturing each vehicle’s registration plate. The overview video allows the system operators to establish if there are any extenuating circumstances for the contravention.

First installation of Review Client service management software

This contract will also see the first installation of Yunex Traffic’s new Review Client service management software solution, which provides end-users and operators with an intuitive platform for reviewing and managing potential contravention data captured by on-street cameras. In doing so, the system gives full control to users over potential contravention data processing and system management.

Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, Review Client enables authorised users to manage the process quickly, effectively and efficiently. Authorities can also configure the system to meet their specific needs to ensure data is reviewed quickly and efficiently.