Millions of Seville citizens to benefit from smart mobility management

Rukshan Soysa
Rukshan Soysa
Operations Manager

Improved traffic flow and elevated environmental protection with first deployment of Mobility Data Platform

Vienna/Seville, March 1, 2023  – Real-time parking information, dynamic traffic control to avoid congestion, or demand-based control of public transport during major events – ideas that are often heralded as the future of traffic planning.

In the Spanish city of Seville, those concepts are becoming reality. By introducing the Mobility Data Platform (MDP) by Kapsch TrafficCom over the next 17 months, Seville is taking charge of improving mobility for more than 1.5 million people in the metropolitan region.

Improving decision-making intelligence

In Seville, the Mobility Data Platform (MDP) will be fed data from hundreds of sensors, cameras and existing traffic systems all across the city, allowing city authorities to accurately predict and manage mobility needs and traffic flows in real time. This includes both diagnostic (what has happened and why) and predictive (what will happen) analytics, turning dispersed data into accessible information.

The MDP allows authorities to get the most value out of the data they are already collecting and the data that will be sourced through new sensors. It provides them with better decision-making intelligence based on the advanced use of data, complementing existing traffic management systems.

Dynamic public transport regulation and congestion prediction are just a part of our system’s capabilities. With the Mobility Data Platform, we are enabling Seville to better guide mobility within the city and react to different events quicker and more accurately“, comments Carolin Treichl,  EVP EMENA (Europe, Middle East, Northern Africa) at Kapsch TrafficCom.

Emissions monitoring

In addition to more efficient and effective mobility management, data on temperature, air quality, emission levels and noise pollution will also feed into the MDP, allowing authorities to monitor parameters that indicate environmental issues or collective health problems in the city and take measures accordingly.

The Kapsch Mobility Data Platform will be implemented over the coming 17 months. It is part of the “Horizonte Sevilla Inteligente” initiative of the Seville City Council and is supported by the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), with the goal of enabling the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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