Transport2030 Webinar Series Launches

Rukshan Soysa
Rukshan Soysa
Operations Manager

Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK) has launched a new webinar series, in partnership with the Transport Technology Forum, exploring the changing trends in transport over the coming decade.

The series of four webinars will look at the upcoming opportunities and challenges facing the intelligent transport sector, focusing on how the industry could look in the next decade or so. The webinars will look respectively at the changing workforce, technology, global markets and procurement and funding.

Runing over the course of the year, the webinars will seek to give a glimpse of what lies ahead for the sector, and for our wide transport network.


Webinar 1 – Changing Workforce, 10am, 18 May

The webinar will look at the changing workforce of the industry, including areas like diversity, new disciplines, changing workplace location and culture.

Webinar 2 – Changing technology, 10am, 19 July

This webinar will ask the question – what is the perfect use of transport technology in 2030? How will the sector have changed and what will we be the key opportunities and challenges?

Webinar 3 – Changing global market, 10am, 5 September

This webinar will look at how the global market for ITS technology is changing, looking at use cases from across the world.

Webinar 4 – Changing procurement and funding, 10am, 7 November

This webinar will look at how procurement and funding is changing for intelligent transport and what future opportunities will bring.

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